GNM Nursing 3rd Year Notes PDF Download


    • Hii
      Please give me gnm nursing 3rd year notes pdf.
      1) midwifery and gynacology
      2) community health nursing
      3) 1.Nursing education
      3.Professional trend and adjustment

  1. I am very impressed to have your contributions for learning GNM, And I am makeing use very effectively for my good academic performance and personal knowledge.I would like to notify some progressive milestone to enhance this material to an extraordinary one.
    * In 2yr GNM Medical surgical nursing 2 Detail notes are needed
    *In 3rdyr GNM, In Midwifery subject the chapter named ‘Managemt of complications during pregnency’ is also to be add

    Humbly I Directes this valuable information by hoping you will receive this suggestions and make appropriate changes.

    Thanks for your Good Heart and I leave prayers before God to bliss your life with blessings.

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