BSC Nursing 1st Year Notes PDF Download

Download BSC Nursing 1st Year Notes for the Nursing students. We have a collection of the largest handwritten and computerized pdf notes for BSc Nursing 1st year students. Download Anatomy, Nutrition, Biochemistry, Nursing Foundation, Psychology and Microbiology topic-wise pdf notes for free from NotesWallah.In. You can also download the previous year question papers for bsc nursing 1st year.

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Anatomy Notes For BSC Nursing 1st Year
Introduction to Anatomical terms organization of the human body
The Skeletal System
The Muscular System
The Nervous System
The Sensory Organs
Circulatory System
Lymphatic System
The Respiratory System
The Digestive System
The Excretory System (Urinary)
The Endocrine System
The Reproductive System
Nutrition Notes For Bsc Nursing 1st Year
Water & Electrolytes
Cookery rules and preservation of nutrients
Balance Diet
Role of nurses in nutritional programmes
Biochemistry Notes BSC Nursing 1st Year
Structure and functions of cell membrane
Composition and metabolism of Carbohydrates
Composition and metabolism of Lipids
Composition and metabolism of Amino acids and Proteins
Composition of Vitamins and minerals
Nursing Foundations Notes for Bsc Nursing 1st Year
Nursing Foundation Notes Part 1
Nursing Foundation Notes Part 2
Nursing Foundation Notes Part 3
Psychology Notes for BSC Nursing 1st Year
Biology of Behaviour
Cognitive processes
Motivation and Emotional Processes
Development Psychology
Metal Hygiene and mental Health
Psychological Assessment & Tests
Microbiology Notes for Bsc Nursing 1st Year
General characteristics of Microbes
Infection Control
Pathogenic organisms

BSc Nursing Handwritten Notes PDF

Download BSC Nursing 1st Year Handwritten Notes from NotesWallah.In. BSc Nursing 1st to BSc Nursing 4th Year all subject topic wise Notes PDF Download. All the handwritten notes available at NotesWallah are created by highly educated professionals that’s why Bsc Nursing Handwritten notes are most useful for all the Bsc Nursing Students.

How to Pass BSC Nursing 1st Year

If you study regularly and strategically then you can easily pass you BSC Nursing 1st Year. 1st Year students are always live in fear that how they will pass their examination because of vast syllabus. Just follow our tips regularly then you will pass you exams with good marks.

1. Prepare Notes Everyday
2. Go through your Notes Everyday.
3. If you find difficulties to prepare notes then Download them from NotesWallah and study them.
4. Explain what you learn with your friends.
5. Practice Previous Year Question Papers.
6. Clear topic confusions watching YouTube videos or discussing them with friends or with mentors.

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